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Recovery Services

Post-operative care is usually a short term requirement while recovering from an illness, accident or hospital stay.
Fabulous Homecare can provide the care that is needed during this time and help you to get back on your feet.
We can work alongside healthcare professionals to help, encourage, prompt and assist with rehabilitation exercises or provide practical help with personal care or housekeeping.

Reablement Services

Our Re-ablement Services assist Service Users to regain skills they may have lost through poor health, disability, having spent a considerable time in hospital or residential home, frequent admission to hospitals etc. With the help of our qualified and dedicated staff we hope to make your independent living a reality


Companion/Sitting Services

Do you need someone to keep you company now and again or on a regular basis?

Are you concerned about a relative or loved one who gets lonely?
Do you live some distance away from a relative or loved one and would like someone to visit them?
Are you a main carer who would like someone to step in from time to time so you can have a break?​

Housekeeping Services

Sometimes just a bit of help with cooking and cleaning, shopping or preparing meals can make all the difference, particularly if you’ve been ill or feeling under the weather. As with all our services, we are totally flexible and will fit in to suit your exact needs.

Housekeeping covers such things as:

  • Making or changing beds

  • Writing out shopping lists

  • Going shopping or accompanying on shopping trip

  • Paying Bills/Collecting Pensions

  • Assistance with laundry/ironing

  • Vacuum cleaning & other light domestic tasks

  • Washing dishes

  • Cleaning toilets and bathrooms

  • Dog walking /pet care

Respite Care

Respite Care is suitable for people in  need of rehabilitation following a stay in the hospital or extra care following a period  of illness. It also allows the sharing of care giving responsibility and getting support for the main care giver, be it a family  member or friend. Seeking support and maintaining one’s own health is paramount and using respite care before becoming exhausted, isolated or overwhelmed is ideal. Just anticipating regular relief can become a lifesaver.

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Our Service also includes  ;-

  • Transport to appointments 

  • Accompanying to appointments or social engagements

  • Company for a walk or other outdoor activity

  • Helping with hobbies / interests

  • Reading books / newspapers out loud

  • Being there to talk and listen

To find out more about our Companionship services,please contact us on our telephone 07575298602  or email us at  enquiries@fabuloushomecare.co.uk